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Reproductive Sociology Research Group


Amarpreet graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a high first class BA (Hons) in Sociology and was awarded a Programme Leader's Prize for Outstanding Achievement in July 2016.  During her undergraduate studies she was involved in several extra-curricular projects surrounding student engagement and presented these at various conferences, in addition to her dissertation at the British Conference for Undergraduate Research.

Amarpreet was awarded a Newton-College Masters Studentship with Murray Edwards college in 2016 for her MPhil, from where she graduated with a High Pass in July 2017. Her MPhil dissertation was entitled 'A factor-finding search based on decision making surrounding PGD in the UK'. The aim of her research was to explore the extent to which attitudes surrounding genetic disease and disability influence reproductive decisions in relation to ethics and biotechnologies.

In continuation from her MPhil, Amarpreet has progressed on to the PhD programme and is now at Christ’s college. Her PhD is currently titled ‘An exploration into the potential reproductive future with genetic editing in the United Kingdom’, under the supervision of Professor Sarah Franklin. Amarpreet’s research focuses on the genetic editing technique CRISPR-Cas9 and pulls on ethics, legislation, and social constructions to build a deeper insight to the potential scope of reproductive possibilities.

Amarpreet’s current research is funded by the ESRC, and she also holds an Honorary Vice Chancellor’s Award from the University. Her broader research interests include gender and sexuality, student engagement, and creative learning.


Twitter: lioness1992

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 Amarpreet  Kaur

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