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Reproductive Sociology Research Group


Giulia Zanini is a Marie Curie – Piscopia PostDoctotal Fellow at the University of Padova (IT). Her current work focuses on the qualitative account of the increasing socio-demographic phenomenon of permanent childlessness. She obtained a PhD  at the European University Institute (EUI) with a dissertation entitled “Transnational Reproduction: Experiences of Italian Reproductive Travellers Receiving Donor Gametes and Embryos Abroad” where she examines the moral, cultural and physical experiences of Italian intended parents facing a local ban on donor conception and crossing Italian borders to receive donor eggs, sperm and embryos. Afterwards, she has participated in (IN)Fercit, an interdisciplinary project based at the University of the Aegean, where she has been responsible for a comparative study of assisted reproductive technologies in six neighboring countries (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Spain, and Turkey), and especially focusing on the transnational reproductive mobilities from to and across such countries. Her work combines medical anthropology, anthropology of kinship, science and technology studies (STS) and feminist studies. Her main research areas concern family and kinship, reproductive medicine, religion, gender, family and health policies and citizenship.

 Giulia  Zanini

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