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Reproductive Sociology Research Group


I joined ReproSoc in October 2019 as part of the MPhil Sociology program, specifically doing the reproduction pathway. I completed my BSc in Sociology at the London School of Economics and Political Science in July 2018, graduating with First Class Honors. I focused my dissertation topic on the role of period tracking apps in people‘s understandings and changing perceptions of their bodies. I hope to further explore the role of digital tracking devices in reproductive health throughout my MPhil, and I am especially interested in looking at how fertility-related apps can increase and facilitate access to reproductive and sexual health information for young people through self-tracking. Aside from academia, I have been involved in different feminist associations and non-profit organisations on voluntary basis both in London as well as in Berlin, Germany. Growing up I lived in a number of different cities across France, Germany and the UK and am since fluent in all three languages (French being my mother-tongue). 

MPhil Candidate 2020
 Lea  Dudouet