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Reproductive Sociology Research Group


Lea Taragin-Zeller is a social and medical anthropologist, with research interests situated at the intersection of reproduction, religion and health. She is a Research Fellow at the Woolf Institute and an affiliated scholar at the Reproductive Sociology Research Group (ReproSoc), University of Cambridge. Lea has published in leading international journals, such as American Anthropologist and Medical Anthropology, and serves as a section editor in Cambridge’s journal of Reproductive Biomedicine and Society Online.

As an ethnographer of biomedicine and society, Lea’s research explores how scientific knowledge and technologies are negotiated among ethnic and faith minorities - influencing their reproductive decisions and raising new ethical dilemmas. Lea examines everyday projects of knowledge and decision-making vis-à-vis state-minority relations, intersectional dynamics and transnational networks. Her field sites span medical clinics, classrooms, adult education, and Jewish and Muslim grassroots organizations in Israel and the UK. Most recently, she is studying the impact of COVID-19 on religious minority groups in Israel, the UK and USA.


Key publications: 


Taragin-Zeller, Lea, forthcoming. A Rabbi of One’s Own? Navigating Religious Authority and Ethical Freedom in Everyday Judaism, American Anthropologist ​

Taragin-Zeller, Lea, Rozenblum, Yael and Baram-Tsabari, Ayelet, 2020, “Public engagement with Science among Religious Minorities: Lessons from COVID-19”, Science Communication

Taragin-Zeller, Lea and Kasstan, Ben, 2020, “I didn’t know how to be with my husband”: State-Religion struggles over Sex Education in Israel and England, Anthropology and Education Quarterly ​

Taragin-Zeller, Lea, 2019, Conceiving God’s Children: Towards a Flexible Model of Reproductive Decision Making, Medical Anthropology, 38:4, p. 370-381. 

Taragin-Zeller, Lea, 2019, Towards an Anthropology of Doubt: The Case of Religious Reproduction in Orthodox Judaism, Journal of Modern Jewish Studies, 18 (1), p. 1-20.  

 Lea  Taragin-Zeller

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