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Reproductive Sociology Research Group

Studying at Cambridge


Matthew Drage

Matthew Drage

PhD Student, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge


Matthew Drage is an artist, writer and PhD student. His work draws on a range of disciplines and practices within the arts, humanities, social sciences - especially history, anthropology, sociology, philosophy and theology. He is particularly concerned with diagnosing the ways in which ideologies and ethical rubrics are materialised, legitimised and reproduced within biomedical institutions; in understanding the political potentials and dangers of "secularised" forms of religious praxis; and in tracing the movements and potencies of hegemonic masculinity. He is also interested in the history, philosophy and sociology of: psychiatry, psychology and psychotherapy; cybernetics and systems theory; religious mysticism (especially Buddhist and Christian); gender and sexuality; and romanticism. His PhD thesis, "The Transmission of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction," focuses on the emergence of "mindfulness" meditation as a biomedical intervention in America and Britain since 1979.