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Reproductive Sociology Research Group


Dr. Michal Nahman is an anthropologist working at the crossroads of medical and political anthropology. She has conducted research in Canada, Israel/Palestine, Romania, Spain and the UK. Her work mainly centres around the interweaving of reproduction with national, border, migration and economic concerns from a feminist technoscience studies and anthropological perspective. Her book Extractions: An Ethnography of Reproductive Tourism (Palgrave, 2013) draws on a study of transnational egg donation and IVF between Israel and Romania at the time of the second Palestinian Intifada. Dr. Nahman has also begun to work in visual media, exploring women and men’s experiences of new parenthood in her film: Atomised Mothers: A film about Isolation, ‘Austerity’ and the Politics of Parenthood This ethnographic film was part of the RAI film festival in Bristol, screened at the Lancaster Festival of Women and Art, Liverpool Radical film festival and other academic and artistic events. 

Dr Michal  Nahman