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Reproductive Sociology Research Group


Dr Sezin Topcu is a researcher at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). She visited ReproSoc in late June and July. Dr Topcu works on controversies surrounding medical technologies of reproduction from the perspective of risk and STS. She coordinates a French national project entitled ‘(Over)medicalization of Childbirth as a Public Problem’. This project aims to analyse how, to what extent, and on the initiative of which players medical techniques – promoted, for long time, as a means to master the « nature » (i.e. woman’s body and its hazards)— have themselves gradually become a problem to master. (information in English following this link). A special issue coordinated with Ilana Löwy and K.Coxon is to be published by Health, Risk and Society and is entitled “Technological Childbirth in a Transnational Perspective: Creating and Managing Childbirth Risk in Contrasting Cultural, Social and Economic Settings.”

Summer 2018
 Sezin  Topcu