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Reproductive Sociology Research Group


I started the MPhil Sociology programme in 2019, specifically the Sociology of Reproduction pathway under the supervision of Sarah Franklin. My interest revolves around the history of contraceptive methods and the ways in which the menstrual cycle is subject to medicalisation and digitalisation. In my dissertation I investigate the experiences of women using non-medical contraceptive methods and period tracking mobile apps, striving to explore how the wider notions of fertility, body awareness and agency shift with regards to medicalisation, demedicalisation and the appearance of health related technologies.

Prior to joining the Reproductive Sociology in Cambridge, I have finished my undergraduate studies in Sociology at LSE being a recipient of the Kadas scholarship, and I have gained experiences in working with vulnerable women in different non-profit organisations. In my spare time I am a passionate outdoor explorer, recently having been walked the 800 km long Camino de Santiago tour which I tend to talk too much about.

MPhil Candidate 2020
 Tamara  Strabel