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Reproductive Sociology Research Group


Before joining the MPhil in Sociology at Cambridge, Xiaomin worked as a part-time research assistant at the Centre for Social Survey at Sun Yat-sen University, where she received a bachelor degree in Sociology. Xiaomin has led, conducted, and contributed to fieldwork on various subjects of interest in the filed of Sociological Studies, including but not limited to female chronic pain and self-identification, with her research contribution recognised by a number of scholarships and awards issued by Sun Yat-sen University. 


Following her examination of the transformation of and the interaction between the patriarchal, medical, and state bio-political construction in producing obstetric ultrasound imaging in her BA dissertation, Xiaomin intends to pursue her research interest in Sociology of Reproduction further through exploring individuals’ changing reproductive experience in China.

MPhil Candidate 2017
 Xiaomin  Cai