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Reproductive Sociology Research Group


Yuliya is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economic and Social History Demography and Health at the University of Groningen. Previously, she was a British Academy Newton International Fellow at the University of Cambridge (2018-2019) and subsequently a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Lincoln (2020-2021). Her primary area of interest is comparative social history of population and health, with a special focus on gender, reproduction, social relations and inequalities during the long 20th and 21st Century. 


Key publications: 

Books and Special Issues

Hilevych, Y. (2016) ‘Strong Families and Declining Fertility: a Comparative Study of Family Relations and Reproductive Careers in Soviet Ukraine’, Wageningen University, 191 p. ISBN 978-94-6257- 938-5 (Open Access)

Hilevych, Y., and MacNamara, T. (Eds.). (2015) ‘Qualitative approaches to demographic questions’. Special issue in: The History of the Family 20 (1). Including the Introduction: MacNamara, T., and Hilevych, Y., ‘ Living in the demos: qualitative approaches to demographic questions’, The History of the Family 20 (1), p.1-8 (Open Access)

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Hilevych Y, and Rusterholz C., (2018)“‘Two children to make ends meet”’: the ideal family size, parental responsibilities and costs of children on two sides of the Iron Curtain during the post- war fertility decline’, The History of the Family 23 (3), p.408-425 (Open Access)

Hilevych Y. ‘Later, if ever: Family influences on transition from first to second birth in Soviet Ukraine’, Continuity & Change (2016) 31(2), p. 275-300

Hilevych, Y., ‘Abortion and gender relationships in Ukraine, 1955–1970’, The History of the Family (2015) 20 (1), p. 86-105

Book chapters

Hilevych Y., and Sato C., (2018) ‘Popular medical discourses on birth control in the Soviet Union dur- ing the Cold War: Shifting responsibilities and relational values’. In: Ann-Katrin Gembries, Theresia Theuke and Isabel Heinemann (Eds.), Children by Choice? Changing Values, Reproduc- tion, and Family Planning in the 20th Century, (De Gruyter: Berlin, Boston),p. 99-122

Hilevych Y., (2018) Generations and contexts in the study of continuity and change. The example of fertility declines. In Paul Puschmann & Tim Riswick (Eds.), Building Bridges. Scholars, His- tory and Historical Demography. A Festschrift in Honor of Professor Theo Engelen ( Nijmegen: Valkhof Pers), p.476-490 (Open Access)

Policy reports

Boomen van den N., Dane J., Hilevych Y., Hoedemaeckers J., Walhout E., Kok, J., (2017) Hostages of time. Policy, practice and experiences of relinquishment for adoption by unmarried mothers in the Netherlands between 1956 and 1984 (in Dutch with English summary). Scientific report for the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, WODC-Onderzoek 2707. ISBN 978-94-92380-40-1

Dr Yuliya  Hilevych

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