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Reproductive Sociology Research Group

Studying at Cambridge


Dr Yuliya Hilevych


Dr Yuliya Hilevych is working on the study of reproduction, social relations, and public policy across time and space. Yuliya’s PhD dissertation (2016) was an ethnography of the post-war fertility decline in Soviet Ukraine and it focused on the role of family and social relations in reproductive decision-making. Her subsequent projects examined reproductive politics and practices in a comparative perspective of Western and Eastern Europe since the post-war decades.

As of January 2018, Yuliya holds a two-year Newton International Fellowship (British Academy) at the Faculty of History in the University of Cambridge.
In her current project “The ART of Conception Before Assisted Reproductive Technologies: Infertility Identities in Britain, 1950-1980”, Yuliya studies the emergence of alternatives to (biological) parenting before the invention of IVF (1978) in Britain. She is especially interested in how individual experiences of infertility have challenged the provision of infertility advice and treatments, with the primary focus being on the emergence of infertility counselling and grassroots activism.