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Reproductive Sociology Research Group

New Article by Noémie Merleau-Ponty - A Hierarchy of Deaths: Stem Cells, Animals and Humans Understood by Developmental Biologists

12 March 2019

Noémie Merleau Ponty has published a new article, A Hierarchy of Deaths: Stem Cells, Animals and Humans Understood by Developmental Biologists, with Taylor and Francis Online, which is available with open access . Abstract Stem cell basic science has sparked a lot of attention because of its use of cells coming from ‘...

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Affiliated Scholar Yuliya Hilevych speaks on BBC Woman's Hour

27 February 2019

Our affiliated scholar and fertility historian Dr Yuliya Hilevych was on BBC Woman's Hour this week discussing 'Mary’s Babies', a fictional play based on the true story of Mary Barton, a fertility treatment pioneer who set up a ground-breaking fertility clinic in London alongside her husband in the 1930s. The real clinic’s...

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New article by Lucy van de Wiel on “Prenatal Imaging” in Catalyst

2 January 2019

Lucy van de Wiel has published a new article titled “ Prenatal Imaging: Egg Freezing, Embryo Selection and the Visual Politics of Reproductive Time ” in Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience . The analysis revolves around the cellular imagery produced in egg freezing and time-lapse embryo imaging. It argues that these...

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New article by Robert Pralat

7 December 2018

Journal of Family Issues has recently published an article by our Research Fellow Robert Pralat. The article, titled ‘ More natural does not equal more normal: Lesbian, gay, and bisexual people’s views about different pathways to parenthood ’, draws on findings from Robert’s doctoral research and is part of a special issue...

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Lucy van de Wiel joins the Alan Turing Institute

5 December 2018

Lucy van de Wiel has joined the Alan Turing Institute for data science as a Turing Fellow. Alongside her work at ReproSoc, she will spend a portion of her time at the Turing Institute at the British Library, London. This affiliation will benefit her new research project on the datafication of reproduction, which deals with...

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I6 passages: on the reproduction of a human embryonic stem cell line from Israel to France - New Article by Noémie Merleau-Ponty, Sigrid Vertommen & Michel Pucéat

4 December 2018

We are excited to announce that the article “I6 passages: on the reproduction of a human embryonic stem cell line from Israel to France”, written by our Research Associate Noémie Merleau-Ponty , alongside Sigrid Vertommen & Michel Pucéat, has just been released and is available via open access . This article has been...

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Professor Sarah Franklin wins 4S Mentoring Award!

23 March 2018

We are delighted to announce that Professor Sarah Franklin has won the 2018 4S Mentoring Award which is given annually to recognise exemplary mentoring in Science and Technology Studies. The 4S Mentoring Award implements an expansive conception of mentoring, recognising the wide range of ways that effective mentors share...

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New publication on surrogacy & gay men in French!

28 February 2018

Dear French-speaking Colleagues, from 28 Feb 2018 on you can read this first French-language volume of empirical studies on global surrogacy experiences – including a chapter on transnational gay fathers and surrogate mothers in the US, written by ReproSoc research associate Marcin Smietana. This pioneering volume...

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We've Moved! A New (Temporary) Location For ReproSoc

21 February 2018

weve_moved.png Due to ongoing building work on the New Museums Site we have temporarily moved to a new home on the Second Floor of 16 Mill Lane, with the rest of the Sociology Department. Our new address is as follows: ReproSoc The Department of Sociology University of Cambridge 16 Mill Lane Cambridge CB2 1SB News home

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ReproSoc is awarded £1.4M from Wellcome Trust

7 February 2018

In partnership with Dr Marcia Inhorn at Yale University and a network of 16 research partners worldwide, ReproSoc has been awarded a major Wellcome grant of £1.4M to begin a new project on 'Changing In/Fertilities' that will investigate not only how perceptions of fertility and infertility are changing, but how these...

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Find out more about our international conference which was held in June 2018

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