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Reproductive Sociology Research Group

Studying at Cambridge


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Nick Hopwood - Why Reproduction Matters


 Magda Zernicka-Goetz - Why Reproduction Matters


Mary Beard - Why Reproduction Matters


Marilyn Strathern - Why Reproduction Matters


Jack Halberstam - Why Reproduction Matters


Remaking Reproduction 

 What's your reason for participating?


 Dish Life

Directed by Chloe Thomas and produced for the Cambridge Shorts Series by Karen Jent and Loriana Vitillo


Cosmopolitan Conceptions in Global Dubai

Professor Marcia Inhorn - First ReproSoc Annual Public Lecture  


Philomathia Public Lecture

Julian Huxley's Reproductive Futures presented by Alison Bashford



Dame Marilyn Strathern talks Nature, Culture & Gender at Feminist Classics Revisited IV 


 Feminist Classics Revisited IV - Nature, Culture and Gender

Sara Ahmed, Sarah Franklin, Alain Pottage & Nanneke Redclift


The Egg and the Sperm 2.0

Professor Emily Martin - First ReproSoc Annual Public Lecture


The Xenopus Pregnancy Test: A Performative Experiment

Eben Kirksey



Egg Donation in Canada

Katie Hammond - PhDcasts at CRASSH



After IVF - The Reproductive Turn in Social Thought

Sarah Franklin - Inaugural Lecture


Understanding (through) the Body

Sarah Franklin - Centre for Disciplinary Innovation



Conception Through A Looking Glass

Sarah Franklin - Futures in Reproduction



Women and Children's Health

Zeynep Gurtin at The University of Chicago