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Reproductive Sociology Research Group

Watch 'We Are Family' - a conversation between Professor Susan Golombok (CFR) and Dr Marcin Smietana (ReproSoc) on Cambridge Reproduction's new Youtube Channel


You can now watch the online event with Professor Susan Golombok (Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge) to celebrate the publication of her new book 'We Are Family: what really matters for parents and children' (Scribus, 2020). Susan was in conversation with Dr Marcin Smietana (Reproductive Sociology Research Group, University of Cambridge).




Our understanding of what makes a family has changed dramatically in recent decades. But what has the impact been on children? In We Are Family, Professor Susan Golombok describes researching new family forms from the 1970s to the present day, and concludes that families with lesbian mothers, gay fathers, transgender parents, and single mothers by choice, and families created by IVF, donor conception, and surrogacy, are just as likely to flourish as traditional families, and sometimes more so – although the children from these families will often face prejudiced attitudes from others. This book tells the stories of these families – their struggles and their triumphs – while celebrating love and family in all its wonderful variations.


Susan Golombok is Professor of Family Research and Director of the Centre for Family Research ( at the University of Cambridge. Marcin Smietana is a Research Associate in the Reproductive Sociology Research Group ( at the University of Cambridge. Cambridge Reproduction SRI is a strategic research initiative at the University of Cambridge, UK. We work collectively and across disciplines to explore the challenges posed by reproduction today. Find out more: