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Reproductive Sociology Research Group

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Book Publication

Reprosoc Research Associate, Katharine Dow publishes new book 'Making a Good Life: An Ethnography of Nature, Ethics, and Reproduction (Princeton University Press)' which is available to order now.

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ReproSoc Director

In 2012 Professor Sarah Franklin received awards from the Wellcome Trust (Senior Investigator), ESRC (Seminar Series) and British Academy (Academy Research project) to establish two new initiatives: The IVF Histories and Cultures Project (with Martin Johnson and Nick Hopwood) and the Reproductive Sociology Research Group (ReproSoc).

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The Reproductive Sociology Research Group supports research and teaching on the social and cultural implications of new reproductive technologies. ReproSoc is part of an expanding concentration of Reproductive Studies at Cambridge and is led by Professor Sarah Franklin.

Video Podcast

Our latest video podcast is the Philomathia Public Lecture 'Julian Huxley's Reproductive Futures' presented by Alison Bashford.