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Reproductive Sociology Research Group

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Changing (In)Fertilities

Changing (In)Fertilities is a major major new collaborative interdisciplinary research project funded by the Wellcome Trust and based in ReproSoc. This collaborative global project will explore how ARTs such as IVF are not only responding to, but also changing, the ways in which fertility and infertility are perceived and practiced.

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Anne McLaren Symposium 2020: Synthetic gametes and germline development for science and society

The second Anne McLaren Symposium will be held in Christ's College, Cambridge on Tuesday 17 March 2020. It follows a successful meeting held last December at the Wellcome Trust and adopts the same format in that each 15-minute talk will be followed by 15 minutes of general discussion. The theme for this second meeting again emphasises translational bioscience in its widest sense, this time with a focus on synthetic gametes, and once again drawing on a wide range of disciplinary perspectives.

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Dish Life

Dish Life is an award winning documentary short about stem cell scientists' emotional relationship to the cells they grow in the laboratory. Dish Life has now been awarded funding from the Wellcome Trust and the Economic & Social Research Council to produce a digital mobile app Dish Life: The Game.

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Remaking Reproduction

Our conference, Remaking Reproduction, took place from the 27-29th June 2018 and we are using the conference website as a platform to create an online archive containing all of the content created during those three days. Access everything from the programme to the photos and videos from the conference, and keep an eye out for updates!

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ReproSoc Director

In 2012 Professor Sarah Franklin received awards from the Wellcome Trust (Senior Investigator), ESRC (Seminar Series) and British Academy (Academy Research project) to establish two new initiatives: The IVF Histories and Cultures Project (with Martin Johnson and Nick Hopwood) and the Reproductive Sociology Research Group (ReproSoc).

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RSS Feed Latest news

Sharing a new blog post every Friday during term time, the ReproSoc blog covers everything from reviews and reflections to political opinions and personal stories. Read back through our archives and follow our social media to keep up to date with out latest posts.

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Why Does Reproduction Matter?

Over the past year the ReproSoc team have interviewed a variety of scholars, including Mary Beard and Marilyn Strathern, about the ways in which reproduction has featured in research, why it is important, and what the future will bring. The whole series is available to view on our YouTube channel (please subscribe to stay up to date!)

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The Reproductive Sociology Research Group supports research and teaching on the social and cultural implications of new reproductive technologies. ReproSoc is based within the Department of Sociology and is part of an expanding concentration of Reproductive Studies at Cambridge, is led by Professor Sarah Franklin and has funding from the Wellcome Trust, British Academy, ESRC, ERC, and Office of the Vice Chancellor, as well as several other funding bodies.


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LIFE IN GLASS is a series of cultural experiments that explore the relation between reproductive technologies and the social worlds we live in. Through art, film and creative dialogue, we consider how reproductive technologies come to play an ever larger role in the process of imagining when, how, if, and what we reproduce in our lifetimes.

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