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Reproductive Sociology Research Group

ReproSoc Director

Professor Sarah  Franklin
Sociology Professor/ ReproSoc Research Director

ReproSoc Lecturer

Affiliated ReproSoc Lecturer

ReproSoc Administrators

Project Coordinator
01223 334521

Research Associates

Dr. Katie  Dow
Former Senior Research Associate
Former Deputy Director, ReproSoc
01223 332459

Graduate Students

Research Consultants

 Sarah  Douglas
Director of The Liminal Space
 Amanda   Gore
Director of The Liminal Space
 Joyce  Harper
Professor of Human Genetics and Embryology
Professor Martin  Johnson
Emeritus Professor of Reproductive Sciences in the Department of Physiology / ReproSoc Project Consultant


 Sera  Baker
MPhil Candidate 2018
 Xiaomin  Cai
MPhil Candidate 2017
 Tiantian  Chen
PhD Candidate 2021
MPhil Candidate 2021
 Lea  Dudouet
MPhil Candidate 2020
 Katie  Hammond
PhD Candidate 2016
Former Research Associate
 Amarpreet  Kaur
 Zaizhou  Li
PhD Candidate
 Yuntong  Ma
MPhil Candidate 2016
MPhil Candidate 2021
 Chloe  Sariego
MPhil Candidate 2019
 Tamara  Strabel
MPhil Candidate 2020
 Melisa  Trujillo
PhD Candidate 2017
 Michelle  Wood
MPhil Candidate 2019
MPhil Candidate 2021
MPhil Candidate 2021

Visiting Scholars

Lent and Easter Term 2021
Lent and Easter 2023
Visiting Scholar Lent and Easter 2023
 Natalia  Fernández Jimeno
Summer 2017 and Michaelmas Term 2019
 Sara  Lafuente Funes
PhD Student at Institute of Public Goods and Policies, CSIC (Spanish National Research Center)
 Linda  Layne
Visiting Professor
Affiliated Faculty Member, Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge
Director of Studies for Social Anthropology and Bye-Fellow, Girton College, Cambridge
Visiting Scholar Michaelmas 2022
Oct 2021 - March 2022 + Oct - Dec 2022
Lent and Easter Term 2022
 Sayani  Mitra
PhD Student at Goettingen University
Easter Term 2016
 Liiri  Oja
 Yolinliztli  Pérez Hernández
Lent and Easer Term 2020
Lent Term 2022
 Sezin  Topcu
Summer 2018
 Lorena  Valenzuela Vela
Lent and Easter Term 2020
 Andrea  Whittaker
Professor at Monash University
Michaelmas - Lent Term 2016
 Hyaesin  Yoon
Michaelmas Term 2017

Affiliated Scholars

Dr. Lucy  Lowe
Teaching Fellow, Medical Anthropology, University of Edinburgh
Dr. Noémie  Merleau-Ponty
Research Associate
01223 332459
 Dmitriy  Myelnikov
ReproSoc Research Assistant
 Jesse  Olszynko-Gryn
Generation to Reproduction Research Associate
Dr. Nitzan   Peri-Rotem
Philomathia Research Associate
 Manuela  Perrotta
Lecturer in Management at Queen Mary University of London
Lent Term 2013
Dr Robert  Pralat
Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Dr. Lucy  van de Wiel
Research Associate
01223 332459

Steering Group

 Jude  Brown
Centre for Gender Studies, University of Cambridge
 Nicola  Buckley
Centre for Science and Policy, University of Cambridge
 Martin  Daunton
Faculty of History, University of Cambridge
 Robert  Doubleday
Centre for Science and Policy, University of Cambridge
 Simon  Goldhill
CRASSH, University of Cambridge
 Susan  Golombok
Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge
 Nick  Hopwood
History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge
 Jacqueline  Scott
Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge
 Marlyin  Strathern
Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge

Advisory Board

 Gina  Glover
Photographic Artist
 Erica  Haimes
Professor Sociology at Newcastle University
Lent Term 2013