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Reproductive Sociology Research Group
Lent and Easter Term 2021
Lent and Easter 2023
Visiting Scholar Lent and Easter 2023
 Natalia  Fernández Jimeno
Summer 2017 and Michaelmas Term 2019
 Sara  Lafuente Funes
PhD Student at Institute of Public Goods and Policies, CSIC (Spanish National Research Center)
 Linda  Layne
Visiting Professor
Affiliated Faculty Member, Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge
Director of Studies for Social Anthropology and Bye-Fellow, Girton College, Cambridge
Visiting Scholar Michaelmas 2022
Oct 2021 - March 2022 + Oct - Dec 2022
Lent and Easter Term 2022
 Sayani  Mitra
PhD Student at Goettingen University
Easter Term 2016
 Liiri  Oja
 Yolinliztli  Pérez Hernández
Lent and Easer Term 2020
Lent Term 2022
 Sezin  Topcu
Summer 2018
 Lorena  Valenzuela Vela
Lent and Easter Term 2020
 Andrea  Whittaker
Professor at Monash University
Michaelmas - Lent Term 2016
 Hyaesin  Yoon
Michaelmas Term 2017