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Reproductive Sociology Research Group

We are delighted to announce that Professor Sarah Franklin has won the 2018 4S Mentoring Award which is given annually to recognise exemplary mentoring in Science and Technology Studies.

The 4S Mentoring Award implements an expansive conception of mentoring, recognising the wide range of ways that effective mentors share scholarly insights, practices, and support across generations and domains of practice. It recognises mentoring through pedagogy, assistance in professional development, support of work-life relationships, and other appropriate practices.

Sarah founded Reprosoc in 2012, and since then the group has turned into a privileged space where Sarah has put into action all her academic and mentoring skills. By means of formal advising encounters, work in progress meetings, workshops, discussion of documentaries, community engagement, and informal social gatherings, she has developed a mentoring style oriented to foster interdisciplinary intellectual innovation, a supportive academic environment, and a culture of cooperation among members, all tempered with a commitment to social justice, respect, gentleness, intellectual humility, and good humour.

Mentoring, in Sarah's style, does not only involve dedicating time to her students and offering them detailed feedback to their scholarly work. Encouragement, celebration of the student's new ideas and accomplishments, and the construction of an atmosphere of trust and safety are just as important. Moreover, concerned with the difficult times post-docs and new scholars face these days to construct their careers—at this very moment a strike is spreading among UK universities—she tries her best to introduce her students to new professional networks, obtain resources to ensure long term postdoc appointments, and create  institutional structures and research projects that actively support younger scholars.

Last, but not least, it is important to note Sarah's commitment to change Cambridge University to ensure equality and equal access to education. She has created opportunities to support women in academia and to ensure LGBTQ students’ rights, and is a strong leader in the Decolonise Cambridge initiative in her role as Head of Department in Sociology.

We are so proud of her!

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