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Reproductive Sociology Research Group

We are excited to announce that the article 'The speculative turn in IVF: egg freezing and the financialization of fertility', written by our Research Associate Lucy van de Wiel, has just been published in New Genetics and Society and is available open access.


The speculative turn in IVF: egg freezing and the financialization of fertility


Although IVF and egg freezing have received much scholarly attention, the pivotal role of financialization in the fertility (preservation) sector remains understudied. This article discusses how processes of financialization have instigated a step-change in the organization of contemporary US IVF and why egg freezing is at the heart of a wider consolidating trend in the sector. The financialization of fertility, in this context, references the financial investments in a future in which ever more women freeze their eggs, the role of capital markets in establishing new clinical and commercial infrastructures through which egg freezing becomes accessible and the role of financial products in shaping both the stories and the streamlining of fertility treatments. Together, these developments signal a shift from reproduction to fertility in IVF, in which treatment is not aimed at having a child at present, but rather at the proactive management of a more speculative fertility throughout the life course.

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