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Amanda Gore is a Director of The Liminal Space, a creative consultancy that educates, engages and inspires people on important strategic and societal issues.


Rooted in the worlds of art, design and academia, The Liminal Space uses creative methods to make ideas and concepts tangible for people, in order to aid understanding, imagination and innovation. Their most recent project, funded by The Wellcome Trust and The London School of Economics and Political Science, involved the creation of a fictional beauty brand and pop-up shop designed to unlock the facts around egg freezing and fertility whilst also raising public debate on how these advances in biomedical science may impact on the world of work, relationships and wider society. This generated wide public engagement and debate across the high numbers of visitors and extensive press coverage (features in Observer Magazine, Guardian, Sky News, BBC radio, Marie Claire, Grazia, New Scientist, Vice and Design Week, amongst others).


Amanda is an Innovation and Engagement specialist whose work bridges the worlds of brand development, audience engagement and social change. She has designed and delivered tools, formats, products and programmes for both public and private sector clients, from Apple to the V&A.  Trained as a designer, her background is in consumer insight for FMCG and media clients, helping them better connect with and innovate for their audiences.


Amanda is a Fellow of the RSA, a member of the Courvoisier Future 500, and a curator of interesting events covering topics from wearable technology to youth social action. 

Director of The Liminal Space
 Amanda   Gore

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