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Elisabeth Theresa Sandler, originally trained as a kindergarten and after school care centre teacher, completed a B.A. in Educational Sciences at the University of Innsbruck, where she worked as a student assistant in research, administration, and teaching.

Eager to expand her knowledge on research methods, Elisabeth moved to the UK to study research design and methodology at the University of Oxford (M.Sc. in Education (Research Training)). At Oxford, Elisabeth's research comprised ethnographic multiple-case studies focusing on lesbian parenting gender roles. Based on these results, she conducted further research on parental identity (re)constructions and Shared Parental Leave among same-sex parents in her second master's degree, an MPhil in Sociology of Reproduction at the University of Cambridge.

After her graduation from Cambridge in 2018, Elisabeth worked as a research assistant for ReproSoc (Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge) and as an external lecturer for qualitative research methods at the University of Innsbruck. Between January and September 2019, Elisabeth was given the opportunity to conduct qualitative research on Cambridge students and staff members' LGBTQ+ disclosure experiences as a full-time researcher for lgbtQ+@cam (Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge – see “Out at Cambridge” study).

Elisabeth is continuing her research on LGBTQ+ disclosure as a fully funded PhD candidate at the Department of Sociology. Her PhD is generously funded by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (University of Cambridge) and Travers Smith (Travers Smith lgbtQ@cam Doctoral Bursary).

In addition to her PhD, Elisabeth works as a research assistant for ReproSoc and lgbtQ+@cam (Department of Sociology) and teaches qualitative research methods at the University of Cambridge (Social Science Research Methods Programme (SSRMP)), the University of Innsbruck (Austria) and the University of Hamburg (Germany). She also volunteers as one of the LGBTQ+ MCR officers at Newnham College.

If you cannot find Elisabeth in her department, she might be reading methodology books in the beautiful gardens of Newnham College, enjoying the company of family and friends, going for walks, or baking Austrian delicacies for colleagues, participants, or simply herself.

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 Elisabeth  Sandler

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