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Reproductive Sociology Research Group


Gina Glover lives in England and France. After training in fine art at Chelsea Schoolof Art, and subsequently in photography at PCL (University of Westminster), she co-founded London’s Photofusion Photography Centre in the 1980s. She is since the recipient of multiple prizes and awards, including the Royal Photographic Society’s Hood Medal, the Medical Research Council’s Visions of Science Award (twice), and research awards from Arts Council England and in 2016 a Wellcome Foundation Award. Glover’s work ranges from playful explorations of the biomedical sciences to long-term studies of way in which the landscape has been altered by human conflict and economic development, through to more psychological studies of human environmental perception.  She employs a variety of photographic techniques, from lensless photography to conventional and alternative processing, to digital design.


In 2015/6 Glover is working on two projects. One of these is entitled The Metabolic Landscape, already a book and exhibition.  It tackles the theme of anthropogenic alterations of the landscape linked to energy and water flux and flow. Her second ongoing project Life in Glass examines in vitro fertilization (IVF), in association with ReproSoc Research Group, Christ College, Cambridge University and Bourn Hall . Her Art in ART is on permanent exhibition at IVF clinic at Guy’s Hospital, London.


Among her numerous previous projects include her 20-year exploration of war-associated sites and locations (Playgrounds of War), exhibited at the 2009 Photo Biennale at the Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China and at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, in 2012, as well as galleries around the UK, and her lensless landscape project, Liminal World, exhibited at Hooper’s Gallery, London, in 2010, and Le Cinq Gallery in Rabastens, France, in 2013.


Glover’s biomedically-based photographic art installations are exhibited in more than 20 hospitals, clinics and private collections in Britain and worldwide, including the Gregor Mendel Institute, Austria. Her work is profiled in many magazines, journals and books. Her own 2014 book The Metabolic Landscape, Perception, Practice and the Energy Transition (London: Black Dog Publishing) is co-authored with Geof Rayner and Jessica Rayner.  Glover’s earlier published works include Objects of Colour: Baltic Coast, and Playgrounds of War, both published by Foxhall Publishing Ltd.

Photographic Artist
 Gina  Glover