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Reproductive Sociology Research Group


Dr. Homanen works as a university researcher at University of Tampere and as a visiting fellow at the University of Helsinki, Finland. She is currently working in an Academy of Finland project “Valuating Lives through Infertility and Dementia: Science, Law and Patient Activism” (VALDA). Before joining the VALDA project she worked as an Academy of Finland postdoctoral researcher. Her research explores social relations, such as kin, class, gender, sexuality and race/ethnicity, in (assisted) reproduction. More recently, she has inquired into the marketisation of reproduction and reproductive healthcare in particular. The fertility markets have grown transnational and involve a multimillion euro donor reproductive tissue industry and multilevel chains of reproductive outsourcing. I am interested especially in the ethical and political work involved in maintaining, altering, advancing and participating in such a market of outsourcing reproduction. Her work is ethnographic and firmly grounded in gender studies, sociology and feminist science and technology studies. She is also currently the editor-in-chief for the Finnish peer-reviewed journal on Sociology, Sosiologia (2018–19) and co-founder and leader of the Finnish Reproductive Studies Network (FiResNet) together with Associate Professor Mianna Meskus.

Michaelmas Term 2018
 Riikka  Homanen

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