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Reproductive Sociology Research Group

On May the 5th 2016 we held the fourth Feminist Classics Revisited event at the Pitt Building here in Cambridge. The event focused on the 1980 book Nature, Culture and Gender which was edited by Marilyn Strathern and Carol MacCormack, and we were delighted to have such a brilliant turn out. The panel itself was chaired by Sara Ahmed, with Sarah Franklin, Alain Pottage and Nanneke Redclift as panelists. We were then joined by Barbara Bodenhorn as discussant and Marilyn Strathern herself who not only spoke about Nature, Culture and Gender, but also about her new release, Before and After Gender, which is available to view in full via Hau Books.

There are two video podcasts which are available to both below and on our YouTube channel. Photos from the event are available to view via our Flickr account.

We have also collated all of the talks from the event, which are available to read via the links below:

Alain Pottage | Marilyn Strathern - Nature, Culture and Gender | Barbara Bodenhorn

Rebecca Cassidy | Marilyn Strathern - Before and After Gender