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Reproductive Sociology Research Group

biocircs image.jpgBiocircularities is a collaborative project developed by Karen Jent and Branwyn Poleykett. The project brings together scholars from different disciplines to study changing understandings the temporality and directionality of life as a consequence of technoscientific innovations, the extensive biomedicalisation of the body and shifting social and economic relations between the generations.


While many sociological models have theorised life as an orderly and sequential unfolding of successive steps and life phases, in this project we challenge the methodological assumption of linearity of the life course. We explore instead the diverse ways in which technoscientific innovations in epigenetics, bio-banking, regenerative medicine and diet challenge and redefine traditional life course models.


What are the new economic, ecological and technological challenges that extend lived experiences beyond the linear lifetimes? What are the new desires that scientific accounts of ‘slowing down’ ‘banking’ ‘buying’ and ‘reversing’ biological time create, often at the expense of political solutions to poor health and intergenerational justice? How do the past, present and future meet and mingle in individual bodies and populations?



Hula Hoops In The Dark Flickr user Davidlind