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Reproductive Sociology Research Group


I am an assistant professor and the head of the Section for Film and Visual Culture in the Institute of Polish Culture, University of Warsaw, Poland (

My academic background is in visual culture studies, media studies and contemporary cinema, and in recent years I have been researching the images of reproduction: the cultural role of foetal images, the images of posthuman parenthood in science fiction cinema, and art projects devoted to the experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

In 2022 I was a co-editor of an issue of the Polish academic journal View. Theories and Practices of Visual Culture (No. 32 “Reproduction Tracks. New visibilities”: I am also an associate member of the Research Program SAMSON: Sciences, Arts, Medicine and Social Norms in Central Europe and Russia (EUR’Orbem – UMR 8224 – Sorbonne Université, CNRS:

Currently I am working on a monograph discussing the relations between technology and reproduction within the contemporary visual culture.

Lent 2023

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